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New E3 game, electronic sudokumas, coming this year

New E3 game, electronic sudokumas, coming this year

Electronic Sudoku Game is coming this years E3, Electronic Arts announced today.

The new game, which EA is calling Electronic Sugoku, will feature a number of new characters from the classic arcade games, but will be released in the summer of 2020.

Electronic Sugiks will include a new class of characters, and a variety of abilities to explore and fight in the game. 

The first wave of characters for the game will be playable in E3 2018, and will include characters from Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes, and more. 

EA has said the game is not a traditional arcade game.

Instead, it is a platformer in the style of Mario Kart and other popular arcade titles, with online multiplayer, online leaderboards, and achievements.

The company says it hopes that fans of these games will enjoy the game and will be able to download it when it is released. 

Electronic Sugiok will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.EA’s E3 2020 press briefing is below. 

You can see the full press release below.

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