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Australian e-readers may soon be getting a new home

Australian e-readers may soon be getting a new home

More than two decades after the release of The Princess Bride, Australian film buffs will be able to enjoy a new interactive movie version of the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea.

Key points:The Princess Bride was the first Australian film to be released in the USThe movie will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the next two yearsThe film will be produced by the Warner Brothers Entertainment groupThe movie is expected to sell around 15 million tickets, the company saidThe movie’s makers have confirmed that The Princess is now a home video release.

Key point:The release of the film will not affect the film’s theatrical release.

The Princess and Pea will be made available to Australian consumers through the Australian Film Corporation, The Australian Entertainment Group and the Warner Bros Entertainment Group’s digital platforms.

The film’s makers, Warner Brothers and Warner Bros Australia, said in a statement the release will not impact on the film itself, which has been released to DVD and blu-ray.

“It will be available to consumers through our digital platforms and online platforms, which will include online rental and purchase of tickets to the theatrical release of our film, and on demand to Australian moviegoers,” they said.

“The Princess will not be sold on the Australian DVD and video rental market, which is currently being offered to Australian audiences.”

The film was released in 1996 to critical acclaim, grossing $1.1 billion in its first year, including a $3.3 million win at the box office.

However, it was a huge hit internationally, earning more than $500 million worldwide and earning the title of one of the top-grossing Australian films of all time.