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Why ‘Electronic Ludo’ is a lot like ‘Electro-pic: A Little Game’

Why ‘Electronic Ludo’ is a lot like ‘Electro-pic: A Little Game’

Electronic ludo (or e-ludo, for short) is a game that is played on a controller with the goal of defeating the opponent by shooting and punching them in the face.

This is a very popular game for kids, and its popularity is still growing, with several games now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

The game is essentially a quick game that involves one player shooting and dodging his opponent.

But instead of shooting and jumping around, players are supposed to hit their opponents with punches, kicks, and throws.

The winner gets to keep all the candy that is left over from the previous round.

That’s it.

The game itself is very simple to learn, with a simple control scheme.

The player starts out with a small plastic toy gun that shoots projectiles that bounce off a variety of surfaces.

Players move their guns around the screen by holding down the L button, which allows them to aim down the screen, and by pressing the space bar to quickly turn and fire.

The aim is to hit the opponent with a shot that hits the opponent’s face.

Players can also shoot the opponent while he is in midair and then throw their weapon to the ground, or shoot the enemy while in mid-air and throw a gun to the side.

Players are also allowed to throw their gun at the opponent in mid air, but they have to wait for the next shot to hit them before they can throw.

In some games, the player can even use the touchpad to control their characters, or use the stylus to change their look.

If you’ve never played a ludo, you may not be fully familiar with the game.

The rules of the game are very simple, and players need to know how to aim, how to shoot, and how to dodge, according to a YouTube user.

The goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible by hitting them in different areas.

The player has to do the same thing every round, however.

After each round, players must keep track of how many candy they have left, and their current position on the screen.

If they have less than their maximum amount of candy, the game ends.

That way, players can see how many of their candy they can hit with their next shot, which will increase their chance of scoring.

Each round, the opponent is awarded candy based on how much candy he or she has left.

Once the player reaches a certain amount of candies, the players score a victory point, which is the maximum number of candy that the player has left to collect.

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time while watching your kids play, there are a number of games available for you to try out.

There are also games for younger kids that are easier to learn and enjoy.

However, if you’re going to be playing games at home with your kids, it may be best to choose a game like Electronic Ludo for your kid to enjoy.

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