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US Cyber Command to open cyber warfare office in Georgia

US Cyber Command to open cyber warfare office in Georgia

Cyber Command, headed by General James Mattis, will begin operating in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, as early as next week.

It will be the first time the Cyber Command is operating in Georgia, which is the only region of the former Soviet Union that is not part of the US-led NATO alliance.

Cyber Command’s headquarters will be located in the capital, which will become the headquarters of the new US Cyber Task Force.

The Cyber Command will provide “intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, threat intelligence and support” to US Cyber Forces and partners.

The new Cyber Command also plans to deploy cyber-attack capabilities to Georgia and the country’s Baltic Sea allies. 

The Cyber Command said the move was in response to Georgia’s continued “aggressive cyber-influence operations,” which it called a “clear threat to our national security.” 

“This action is part of a comprehensive response to cyber-operations, which Georgia has been pursuing in an aggressive manner for many years,” Gen. Mattis said in a statement.

“I have ordered the Cyber Task Forces in Georgia to establish a Cyber Command in the city of Tbilisa and establish a cyber-intelligence unit in the Cyber Forces to counter this aggressive behavior.”

Georgia has also continued to build up its cyber-warfare capabilities in recent years, with the country recently announcing plans to create a cyber military force that would be comprised of a cyber brigade, cyber-defence force and cyber operations command. 

According to a January report by the US Defense Intelligence Agency, cyberwarfare operations have become the most sophisticated military activity on the planet, and the US military is now facing a cyber threat of increasing intensity. 

“The Cyber Task forces will continue to engage in joint operations to address cyber threats and support operations against emerging and evolving threats, including emerging and emerging threats to US homeland and economic systems, as well as emerging and expanding threats to global and regional systems and interests,” the report stated. 

Georgia’s Cyber Command previously stated it planned to launch cyber-attacks against Georgia and its allies, as a response to “aggression and aggressive cyber operations” that the Georgian government has carried out in recent months. 

Gen. Mattis also told US lawmakers that Georgia had “further expanded” cyber-offensive capabilities during a hearing on the Senate Armed Services Committee. 

President Donald Trump has been critical of Georgia for its cyber actions, saying it has failed to protect the country from cyber attacks. 

Trump has repeatedly called on Georgia to rein in its cyber capabilities. 

In a February 2016 tweet, the president wrote, “Georgia, if you do not stop cyber bullying, we will end up killing you.

If you do, you will be sorry.” 

Gen Mattis also spoke about cyber threats in February, when he told Congress that cyber attacks on US infrastructure had “escalated” in recent weeks. 

On Thursday, Gen. Mattis told lawmakers that “cyber attacks continue to escalate and have become more sophisticated,” and that the US is “facing a more sophisticated and dangerous adversary.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the threats are real, and that cyberattacks are increasing and that they are evolving,” he said.

“And they are increasingly sophisticated.” 

Georgia has been a US ally since 1992, when Georgia signed a $3 billion security agreement with the US.

The agreement gave the US permission to use Georgia’s territory for military training and other military operations, and to send US troops into the country. 

Following Georgia’s accession to the alliance in 2008, the US has also provided Georgia with military equipment and training. 

While the country has not signed a formal agreement with NATO, the country remains a member of the alliance, with Washington sending tens of thousands of troops to Georgia each year. 

Since the end of the Cold War, Georgia has seen increased threats from Russia and China.

The two countries have engaged in a number of cyber attacks, including against Georgia’s oil industry and other critical infrastructure. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said that Russia is “ready to use cyber-terrorism to destabilize and destroy the West.” 

Russian media also has claimed that US cyber operations against Russia have intensified. 

During a visit to Russia in February 2016, Gen Mattis said the US was “ready and willing” to use force against Russia. 

Russia, however, has dismissed the claims.

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