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New devices, games to hit shelves soon

New devices, games to hit shelves soon

KINDERSPORT, Ohio — New devices and games are on the way for kids.

The New York-based company of developers and manufacturers is bringing its first product, the Escape Game Electronics Keyboard.

Egos of gaming devices have come and gone, but this one is unique in that it’s designed to work with a smartphone.

It comes in a black or white plastic case with an orange keycap and a blue light, which allows it to be used on a smartphone or tablet, said Steve McPherson, chief executive officer of Escape Game Products.

The product is not designed for children but for older kids who may have trouble using a device like a smartphone, he said.

“We want to take that experience to the next level by allowing kids to use it,” he said, adding that Escape Game sells in about 150 stores.

We are really excited to bring this product to kids in the U.S., said Mike McDonough, chief operating officer of the San Francisco-based manufacturer of smartphones and tablets.

Kids can buy Escape Game Keyboard for $29.99.

The company is developing games and accessories for smartphones and other devices that also use the Escape Keypad.

To use the device, children must be between the ages of 8 and 17.

A similar product was launched last year for the iPhone.

In a survey by the U-Kan study group, about 1.2 million of the devices purchased by kids were sold.

One-third of kids said they bought them because they thought they could control their devices using the keyboard, according to the study.

The device was used in about 40 percent of the purchases.

In addition to the smartphone-only products, Escape Game is working on a portable game that uses a smartphone and Bluetooth to play games on an Android tablet or smartphone.

McPherton said that Escape Games had sold more than 4 million Escape Keys over the last two years.

Some of the new products are a bit more sophisticated than what is currently available.

For example, Escape Games is making a Bluetooth keyboard and the Escape Keyboard 2, which is a keyboard with a touchpad and a keyboard.

The keypad is smaller, and has a larger, curved surface to allow for easy manipulation.

McPhedon said the keypad will also come in a more traditional red or white color.

For more information, visit www.escapegame.com.

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