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More than 1 million downloads for ‘NHL 15’ game online: NHL Players Association

More than 1 million downloads for ‘NHL 15’ game online: NHL Players Association

Download the NHL 15 game now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC and more!

The NHL 15 online game now has more than 1.2 million downloads on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. 

With the release of the latest version of the NHL franchise, the NHL Players Union (NHLPA) is proud to present to you a new player-driven game that combines the excitement and fun of the NHL®15 and the NBA 2K18 experiences. 

“The NHL 15 game is our biggest yet,” said NPC manager Adam Aronow.

“We are truly excited to bring players from around the world together to experience this exciting new experience.” 

With more than 50 different player types, including forwards, defensemen, goaltenders, forwards, wingers, goalies, defense-first players, goal-first forwards, and players of all other types, the narrative is designed to appeal to all skill levels and players. 

The NCL game will feature an enhanced version of the NBA 2K18 scoring system with a new point system, a new stats-based score, and more accurate scoring metrics. 

Additionally, players will be able to compete in an online multi-game challenge which features multiple-player games with players from all across the NHL. 

 In addition to the new nominations, players will also be able to take part in a live challenging game with the official NLL prospects, all players, and all teams, as well as the NHLPA NRL GM and NELP GM. 

Players can also take on multiple nomination challenges which also include goalies, defensemen, forward, defenseman, goalie, backup goalie, special teams, and more. 

Each player will be able to take a shot in the AHL regular season of each player selected to compete in the playoff game. 

This game includes all the traditional naming rules, including injury protection, player rights, opportunities to be traded, injuries and suspensions, re-signing, termination, etc. NLCS and Stanley Cup signings are not expected to come before November 16 when NBL players can play in both the NBL Cup and NHL Cups for the first time. 

For all of the information about the game and the new players on the Pregame screens please contact NCTEA @NHLPlayerPA and @NAHLPlayerNHL. 

Follow NACL for more news and info on the 2018 NATIONAL CUP and 2018 PREGAME scams at naclscams.com and follow NCLA for more news and info at nacl.com.

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