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NFL says no to NFL games online for 2018

NFL says no to NFL games online for 2018

The NFL announced on Monday that it will no longer allow online games in 2018.

The league had been considering a trial of the technology, called GamePass, for at least a year.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport first reported the decision.

The decision means NFL players will no more be able to play on the gridiron without paying for the service.

The NFL is the only NFL team that still sells a smartphone app for NFL games.

That app is called Ticketmaster, which allows fans to watch games on smartphones and tablets and is owned by the NFL Network.

The NFL says Ticketmaster will continue to be used to watch NFL games, but it will not be used as a standalone app for fans.NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league has not yet decided how many games will be played on the app.

The 2018 NFL season will be the first without an NFL team in the game, which is expected to be a long time coming.

The league said it will now look for new ways to bring the game to fans and the game’s fans, including allowing online games on mobile devices.