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How to find the most accurate spelling on Twitter

How to find the most accurate spelling on Twitter

The Hill’s editorial board, in a letter to President Donald Trump, has warned that his use of the word “turd” has become “increasingly problematic.”

In the letter, The Hill Editorial Board, which also includes editorials by national security, conservative writers and other voices, calls Trump’s use of “toot” in his tweets “unacceptable.”

“The use of a word that is meant to convey a sense of disjuncture in the language of communication is a frequent and common source of friction in the public discourse,” the editorial board wrote.

“It is particularly dangerous when it is used in a way that conveys a false sense of certainty and superiority.”

The letter was signed by four other The Hill editors and is available here.

The Hill editorial board has been urging Trump to take a more moderate tone in his use on Twitter.

On Monday, the president tweeted that his supporters should not be “loud” about the use of his name.

He said he would not use the word in his own tweets, but would only say “it hurts.”

But in a subsequent tweet, he said that his fans should not yell, but “speak louder.”

“I can assure you that I will not use ‘toot’ to describe my supporters, just as I won’t use ‘suck’ to talk about my supporters,” Trump wrote.

He added, “As I have said many times, my supporters should be loud and clear.

I am going to make it clear, and I will be loud.”

On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal editorial board criticized Trump for his use.

In a column for the newspaper, columnist David Leonhardt wrote that the president has used the word as a way to dismiss his critics.

“Trump has a habit of dismissing critics by using the word ‘turd,’ ” Leonhardt said.

“Trump’s use has become more common, in the past several months, than it was in the 2016 campaign, and he seems to have forgotten that when he speaks about a political opponent, he is speaking directly to his audience, not a neutral commentator.”

Trump has not issued a response to the letter.

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