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Why did Disney decide to stop making video games?

Why did Disney decide to stop making video games?

Disney Interactive Networks has announced that it is shutting down its online gaming division.

The decision comes just weeks after Disney announced that the company would be cutting 3,000 jobs, including its main game studios and production company.

The company said it will continue to operate its online games division in partnership with LucasArts.

However, it has decided to phase out the online game division, according to a Disney press release.

This announcement comes on the heels of a string of layoffs and restructuring announcements by Disney Interactive.

Last month, Disney announced layoffs of 2,600 employees and a planned $2.8 billion restructuring, as well as the closure of several key entertainment properties.

Disney Interactive Networks is part of Disney’s Interactive Media Group, which includes Disney’s film studio Pixar, the music studio Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, and its film and TV studios.