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How to use a GAMA electronic game controller with your iPhone

How to use a GAMA electronic game controller with your iPhone

By now, most iPhone owners have probably experienced the frustration of not being able to use their phone’s touchscreen to play the popular game GAMA.

For many, the frustration is understandable, given the app is only available in the United States, where a vast majority of smartphones are made.

While that makes GAMA’s iOS game mode frustrating for some, it’s the lack of support for third-party controllers that is most frustrating to the developers of the game.

“With a handful of companies, there is no way for third parties to provide a standard controller,” said Chris Wilson, CEO of GAMA, in a statement.

“So while it’s great to have a few available, there are too many to make the game truly usable for everyone.”GAMA was originally released in 2012 and is based on the popular smartphone game of the same name.

The game features a team of five characters, each with a unique ability, and players must guide each of them through a series of challenges in order to reach the end.

While the game is accessible to all, the only controller available for it is the GAMA Switch, which is compatible with only Apple’s iPhone.

“This isn’t a problem unique to GAMA,” Wilson said.

“A few companies are working on the same problem and making similar controllers available for their game.

There are even some that have made a simple, third-generation version of the Switch that’s compatible with most iPhones.”

Apple has a reputation for supporting hardware with the latest hardware.

In 2013, it announced that it would include a USB-C port in the new iPhone X. In June, it also announced that the company would begin shipping the iPhone XS and XS Max to the public, and that it was planning to offer two versions of the iPhone for the next generation.

That same month, Apple announced that its latest iPhone models would be made with “the same robust, easy-to-use manufacturing processes used for the last three generations of iPhone.”

Gamas Switch, available in more than 30 countries, comes with an optional headset that can be plugged into an iPhone.

GAMA has already released an Android version for Android devices, but Wilson said that the Switch would not be supported by Google’s Android platform.GAMA’s lack of a standard Android controller is not limited to the iOS version of Gama.

In November, Nintendo announced that a Gama gamepad would be coming to the Switch, although Wilson did not specify which game.

It is also unclear when Nintendo will begin selling GAMA controllers, though the company said in a September interview that it had “some discussions with game developers and manufacturers.”

In the statement to Fortune, Wilson said Apple was “working hard to bring our Switch gamepad to market as soon as possible.”

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