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Apple and Google Pay have launched a new way for consumers to pay for games

Apple and Google Pay have launched a new way for consumers to pay for games

Apple and Android Pay are launching a new form of payment that is a mix of virtual credit and cash.

The new payment method, which the two companies are calling “electronic game”, has been in the works for a while and is part of a broader push by Apple and the two leading players in the digital game space, Google and Amazon.

The two companies will soon begin accepting both virtual credit (VCS) and cash for the new payment system, which has the backing of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the National Credit Union Administration, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The VCS system is a way for users to pay with a variety of digital currencies, like bitcoin and litecoin, and it will be the first to accept Apple Pay, according to the companies.

The VCS is a new payment type that is designed to be flexible enough to be used by anyone.

The technology allows a variety in the payment of various goods and services that can be done on the web, and there are multiple payment types that can take place.

It is the first payment method to allow for both virtual and physical cash payments.

The technology has a few limitations.

The payments process is complicated and requires a lot of information to be shared between the parties.

The new VCS also does not allow for online purchases.

It also is unclear when the VCS payment system will be available.

In the future, the two firms are expected to offer the system to retailers, though the timing is uncertain.

For more information on Apple Pay and other mobile payments, visit the companies websites:Apple Pay for iOS and AndroidThe new VDSC payment system allows for both VCS and cash payments, but Apple and Amazon have yet to reveal when this new payment option will become available for the general public.

The payment option, which is designed for merchants, will only work on iOS and Apple devices running iOS 11.1.