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Why are we still spending more on video games?

Why are we still spending more on video games?

By Peter PomeroyThe Wall Street JournalThe video game industry has spent nearly $50 billion on new games and hardware since the 1980s, but the growth has been slow and uneven.

Games are becoming more expensive and more complex, and the demand for them is dwindling.

The market for new video games, meanwhile, is growing faster than the demand to play them.

Here’s a look at why.

Read moreVideo games, which have grown at double-digit rates for decades, are more expensive than ever.

Last year, for example, a console and an iPhone were both worth more than $1,000, according to estimates from The NPD Group, an online game tracker.

That’s why more than 1.6 billion video games were sold in the U.S. last year, according in the NPD report.

Video games have always been a big part of the entertainment market, but they’ve grown much faster than movies and music.

In the 1980 and 1990s, video games could be played for a fraction of the price they are today.

They were inexpensive.

But now, according the NPA, the price of a game can be $400 or more in the United States.

“It’s not cheap to be a gamer anymore,” said Greg Krieg, a senior analyst at NPD.

“But it’s much, much more expensive to own a game.”

Read moreNintendo is getting ready to announce a new console that will make video games more affordable, and it will include an improved controller, new game mechanics and a faster processor.

But it won’t be the same price-per-game model.

Nintendo is launching the new system at $299 for a basic version, $399 for a Deluxe version, and $499 for the Ultimate version.

Nintendo hasn’t set a launch date yet, but it’s expected to ship by the end of this year.

The new Nintendo Switch system will include the following features:A new controller, featuring improved grip and feelThe new game engine that lets players customize and create their own levelsThe new Joy-Con controllers, which feature motion controlsThe new motion tracking systemThe enhanced game-play experiences, including online and offline co-op play.

In a blog post last week, Nintendo announced the new Switch console and controller.

It will be the first Nintendo system with built-in motion controls and game-pad support.

Nintendo has been pushing a new gaming system since late 2015.

It released a new Nintendo 3DS handheld game in 2016 and has launched a new version of its Wii U game console every two years since, with new versions of both the Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo 3Ds XL.

Nintendo has also launched its Wii Virtual Console game platform, Wii Sports, and a new Wii U eShop for the Wii U, which lets players play some of the company’s most popular games, like Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 9.

But it hasn’t made many games.

The Nintendo Switch will be Nintendo’s first console with an integrated gaming system, which it will be releasing this year as well.

It’s likely that Nintendo will announce new games in the coming months.

The company has been busy with its first-party software lineups for the Switch and other devices, and has been working on new versions and hardware.

Nintendo is also getting ready for its own big holiday event in 2019.

The New York City-based company is holding a holiday-themed event that will feature a variety of Nintendo-themed attractions, including the Super Smash Bros. tournament, and other games.

Nintendo isn’t giving out any information on its plans for the Nintendo Switch yet, so it can’t confirm the price.

But the company says that it will start selling the new console in October 2019.

“The Switch will provide a new way to play Nintendo games,” Nintendo said in a statement.

“We’re excited to share more details with you later this year.”