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What the latest NFL news means for your team?

What the latest NFL news means for your team?

Electronic basketball game maker Electronic Sports has announced that it is partnering with the NBA to offer an exclusive online version of the NBA 2K15 game to players in the U.S. and Canada.

The deal, which is not yet official, will include digital rights for NBA 2k15 and NBA 2ks, the NBA’s live-streaming platform.

NBA 2x NBA 2X NBA 2, the most-recent iteration of the league’s two-player digital-only NBA basketball game that launched in February 2018, launched in late 2018.

The partnership comes a few months after the NBA announced that its NBA 2.0 franchise was coming to mobile devices.

That release was a big hit with consumers, and NBA executives have been working on a second NBA 2s franchise since then.

For a new NBA game, the company has also been working closely with Microsoft on a mobile-exclusive game.

The first two NBA games were developed for Microsoft’s Xbox One console, and the last two games were built for the mobile platform.

Electronic Sports was able to work with the league on the first two games, and it’s also working with Microsoft and NBA to bring the first-person shooter to mobile.

It’s not clear yet when the NBA will launch its mobile-only game.

The first two titles were built exclusively for Microsoft platforms, which means the NBA was unable to bring its online shooter to Android devices or Apple devices, and Microsoft didn’t have the game ready when Electronic Sports announced the partnership with the NHL earlier this month.

The NHL is also working on its own online-only sports app.

“As part of our partnership with EA Sports, our players will now be able to experience the NBA with a team-centric online experience that has been built to support the latest in online entertainment,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement.

“Players can access the NBA Live™ on mobile, while also playing online, and will have the option to download our online experience for free when they log in to the app.”

Electronic Sports also announced that players will be able download an NBA 2 games app for free on the app store on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

“The NBA 2 apps on both platforms have already garnered a tremendous amount of engagement from fans across all platforms, so we are thrilled to partner with EA to offer players the ability to download their favorite NBA games on both our platforms,” said Chris Arnold, general manager of NBA Live.

We’ll be watching closely to see how this deal plays out.

This partnership is great for fans of both games, but there is a little bit of a catch: The games are still available for purchase from the App Store and the Xbox App Store.

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