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What the hell is this thing called?

What the hell is this thing called?

A few years ago, I had a brief run-in with a new gadget, and now I’ve got another chance to find out.

I recently had the chance to ask the guys behind the Joy-Con controllers, the gaming accessory that we can now call “The Joy-Cons,” what the hell they’re supposed to be, and why they can’t have any other controller besides one from Nintendo. 

A few years back, we first heard rumors that Nintendo was preparing to discontinue the original Joy-con, but Nintendo later denied the claims, saying that “there is no plan to stop the production of the Joy Con in the future.”

 It turns out that the rumor was true, and Nintendo had actually been looking to build a new gaming console for years. 

The Joycon was initially developed to replace the Joysticks, the standard controller that used analog sticks for input, which were eventually replaced by a new system called the Nintendo DS, and then later to replace a few older systems.

In 2011, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch was being developed to run the Joycon.

The company was also working on a new console that would be called the JoyCon Classic.

The Joycon Classic is being developed with the help of Nintendo’s Game Development Laboratory, which was headed up by its former CEO, Hiroshi Yamauchi, who left Nintendo last year.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Yamauchis longtime boss Tatsumi Kimishima told reporters that he hoped the new console would be “an entry point into gaming in a more consumer-friendly way.”

Nintendo’s first prototype was unveiled at a 2009 event at Tokyo Game Show.

The JoyCon was originally supposed to launch in 2015, but the delay was caused by the financial crisis.

As of January, 2017, it was unclear when Nintendo would be able to begin selling its new console.

It remains unclear if the Switch will launch alongside the JoyCons, or if it will launch first.

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